DSC History

Deutscher Sport Club Soccer  History.

In 1960, the “Deutscher Sport Club” (German- American Sports Club), in short “DSC”, was founded. The main purpose at that time was to formally organize a Soccer team.


In order for the past of the German - American Sports Club to be told in its entirety, we must start a few years before the actual founding date of the club.

It would be unusual indeed, when German people get together, that the sport of soccer should not be mentioned. By the year 1956, enough soccer enthusiasts had, by word of mouth, found each other, that practice games could be held on a regular basis at Fort Harrison.

People such as Erich Albus, Arthur Ballner and Heinz Engert continually looked for and brought players to the field, that these games could continue. It must be mentioned however, that it was not alone the sport of soccer that the German American – Sports Club can celebrate its 50th anniversary, because after the ball had been kicked around sufficiently, the players would sit together in the old tradition for a refreshing glass of beer, and during one of these sessions, the idea was formulated to celebrate New Years Eve together. This party, which was attended by 30 people, became so lively, that the floor joists literally sank by a whole inch.

These happy meetings and picnics, which were usually held in someone’s backyard, were so successful, that they were held more frequently, and were often well supported by Mr. Albert Merz. Many a bush and flower lost its leaves and petals when the ball shot through the air. The wives, not only made sure that enough food was available, but were called upon to help out as substitute goalkeepers.

These get-to-getters were the cause for the enlargement of the friendship circle, in addition to the establishment of communications between persons of the Inta-Roto organization and Hauni, Richmond, in the year 1959. The New Year 1960 was celebrated in the Henrico Tavern (Freedom Inn) with approximately 50 people, and a 3 man band provided the music.

Mr Fritz Wenniger was a visitor from North Carolina and expressed an interest to move to Richmond. It was he, who after coming to Richmond, together with Oskar Heinz, Werner Illig, Willi Mδrz, and Paul Preisner, germinated the idea to establish a sports club.

The first soccer game between Inta-Roto and Hauni, was faught to a draw on Siegfried Bohlmann's property. The enthusiasm for the game was now boundless, and two weeks later, the two teams met on a field near Byrd Airport with brand new soccer uniforms. (Inta-Roto in black and white; and Hauni in green). After several games, the team members were changed such that players, who were born in the north of Europe, formed one team which competed against the team made up of players that were born in the south of Europe. This arrangement assured renewed exitement of the game. After one of the north-south games, the players gathered in Hermann's Restaurant in Richmond and decided to establish the Sport Club Richmond. Adolph Naujokat, who had recently moved to Richmond, consented to be its first president. The quarterly dues were set at .50 cents.


In the late sixties and early seventies, adult soccer competition was organized by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Richmond. Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, the soccer

Managers of the various teams would meet and sign up to play. Parks and recreation would then establish a schedule.


In 1974 Hans Stienen joined the Club, and the soccer team, it was decided that the team needed a coach more then a player, so, Hans became the first official Soccer Manager of the DSC. After meeting with the managers of the other teams for a few seasons, Hans had the idea to form a soccer league, making the teams independent of the City. Hans Stienen, and Ron Beckstoffer, the manager of the Richmond Internationals, then founded the league in 1975, and called it the “Central Virginia Soccer Association.” In its first season, the CVSA started with six teams, the German Sports Club, the Internationals, the Greeks, the Latin’s, Ft. Lee, and Richmond South-Side.


 From 1977 to 1988, the D SC had two Soccer Managers, Hans Stienen and Wolfgang Grimm, and they were quite successful, winning the titles shown below. When Hans was transferred to work in Germany, the soccer program was interrupted. In 1993, Gary Ilch, decided to once again to form a soccer program, and competed with a Premier and a first division team. Later two more teams were added. Even though the teams were quite successful, they never reached the level of dominance that they had from 1975 to 1988. In 2001 the club was once again forced to cancel its soccer program because of the lack of suitable coaches and managers.


The accomplishments of the D S C Soccer teams:


1976 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1976 – CVSA Fall Champions

1977 – CVSA Spring Champions

1977 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1977 – CVSA Fall Champions

1977 – Azalea Tournament Runner up

1978 – CVSA Spring Champions

1978 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1978 – CVSA Fall Champions

1978 – Azalea Tournament Runner up

1979 – CVSA Spring Champions

1979 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1979 – CVSA Fall Champions

1980 – CVSA Spring Champions

1980 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1980 – CVSA Fall Champions

1980 – CVSA Cup Champions (Arthur Ballner Cup)

1981 – CVSA Spring Champions

1981 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1981 – CVSA Cup Champions (Arthur Ballner Cup)

1982 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1982 – CVSA Fall Champions

1983 - CVSA Spring Champions

1983 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1983 – CVSA Cup Champions (Arthur Ballner Cup)

1983 – CVSA Fall Champions

1984 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1984 – CVSA 1st. Div. Summer League Champions

1985 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1986 – CVSA Spring Champions

1986 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1978 – CVSA Summer League Champions

1988 – VA State Challenger Cup 1st. Runner UP

1997 – CVSA First Division Fall Champions

1999 – CVSA (Muenchen) Second Division Champions

2000 – CVSA (Muenchen) Second Division Champions

2001 – CVSA (Berlin) Second Division Champions


Even today we are not totally without soccer, club members and friends meet every

Sunday morning at 10:00 am in Dorey Park, to play a pick up game. Everyone interested

is welcome.


Should we ever find a sponsor and qualified personnel to run a soccer program, we would consider trying it again. After all, a Sports Club without a sports program lacks something.   




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